Phd students in ai ethics

Annual Research Vignettes – 2021

This event has passed. Scroll to the bottom to access video recordings of the event.

PhD Students in AI Ethics 2021 roundtable workshop – 18th & 19th October. Come and hear what PhDs and other early career researchers are working on in a series of 5-minute research vignettes.
A showcase of 5-minute research vignettes from 23 PhD students and doctoral graduates from around the world working on responsible AI.

In less than a year our group has grown to over 220 members! To celebrate bringing these academic researchers together we are holding our first round-table workshop on 18th & 19th October in two different timeslots. Speakers are all PhD students, recent PhD graduates, Post-docs, or early career researchers working on some aspect of AI Ethics.

The event is open to the public to attend and join the Q&A. This is a great opportunity for anyone looking to find new research talent in AI Ethics.

Event Format

Each speaker will give a 5 minute vignette. Q&A time will be open to all attendees after every three speakers.

  • Welcome & Acknowledgement of Country.
  • Session introduction
  • 3 x 5-min vignettes
  • Short Q&A
  • 3 x 5-min vignettes
  • Short Q&A
  • Short Break
  • 3 x 5-min vignettes
  • Short Q&A
  • 3 x 5-min vignettes
  • Short Q&A Wrap up


We have over 20 members registered to give 5-minute vignettes into their work around responsible AI. Most speakers are current PhD students, a few are recent PhD or other higher degree by research graduates. Download the full program below for more details on each speaker and their topic.

Dates and times

Session 1
Monday 18th October at 09.00am CET (Paris), 18.00pm AEDT (Sydney)

Dates and times

Session 2
Tuesday 19th October at 19.00pm (Paris), 13.00pm EDT (Montreal)
Our members are all doctoral, post-doctoral, early career researchers, or current higher degree by research students. Our members are from a very diverse range of fields including: philosophy, engineering, sociology, medicine, computer science, business, education, law, and theology. Our members represent over 30 countries and a diverse range of ethnicities and languages. Bringing so many different perspectives together helps us break down barriers between disciplines and bridge silos of knowledge. We are committed to an inclusive sharing of knowledge in the field of AI ethics.

The recordings

Recordings from first conference showcasing 5-min research vignettes from 23 PhDs and Postdocs #AIethics @VoxBec